The Orthodontic Practice
Challenges and Solutions

Practicing Orthodontics is one of the world's greatest professions! Creating beautiful smiles, positively impacting your patients and their families' lives and contributing to the wellness of your community - orthodontics is truly a "life changing" profession.

Orthodontists work passionately every day to ensure that their patient's have a positive experience that will last a lifetime. There is more to the day to day operations of the practice than just creating smiles, and providing a new level of confidence to our patients. If we don't step back periodically, and critically evaluate our practice, we risk entering the "burnout plateau" - that dangerous level where "practice burden" seems to overshadow our passion and enjoyment of treating our patients and our financial return.

So, I ask you this question: "Are you working for your practice, or is your practice working for you?"- Dr. Ron Roncone

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