Roncone Orthodontics International Announcing
The JSOP -Just Short Of Perfect- Virtual Course 2021

Beginning in February 2021 the year long JSOP "Virtual" Course will be given in 10 monthly segments of 6 hours each. That's 60 hours of Continuing Education! All sessions held on Saturdays and Times 8:00 am - 2:30 pm Pacific Standard Time - including a 30-minute break

If you have already taken the JSOP Course and are looking for a "refresher"! Over 40% new material! OR for those of you that have never taken the JSOP Course but have always wanted to, now it's VIRTUAL! If you have an interest please email the ROI Team

Three JSOP Manuals That An Orthodontic Practice Can't Do Without!

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PDS User’s Manual

The complete book on Roncone PDS Clinical principles.(*included in the full JSOP Course)

Price: $175
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The Book Of Orthodontic Scripting

Have you ever wondered what to say and when to say it? This book will give you scripting for each orthodontic interaction. (*not included in the full JSOP Course)

Price: $175
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The Checklist Method Of Orthodontics

Ultimate in efficiency. #232 pages of checklists. (*not included in the full JSOP Course)

Price: $225
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Special price of $500 for all 3 Manuals (Savings of $75)

Buy Any Three Manuals for $500*

* Excludes Clinical Operations Manual and the Complete Library Set.

Roncone Orthodontics International Announcing
Strategic Orthodontic Seminars

A series of 6 two-hour Virtual Seminars on various topics starting in August through January 2021

Each Virtual Course $99 (per doctor) ALL Six Virtual courses $549 For more information or to Register

Experience the results of the PhysioDynamic System.

Dr. Roncone finishes 90% of his cases in 7 visits or less. Subscribe and receive a 5 case study. *Gmail users will receive the email in the "Promotions" folder.