Bracket Systems
The PhysioDynamicSystem is only available from Forestadent and uses the BioQuick and QuicKlear interactive self-ligating brackets. This PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) prescription comes closer than any other to taking the easiest, full-menuest direction from malocclusion to an esthetic, functional result.

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Wire Products
The Roncone Functional Archform is critical to the proper finishing of cases. Improper archform is one of the main reasons for relapse.

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Roncone Auxiliaries
Building reliability and predictability into your appliance system and business practice just makes sense. The Roncone System of Treatment Products streamlines the amount of peripheral items a person might routinely need, allowing you to reduce chair time and treatment time.

Part of the PDS Philosophy..

– Use fewer archwires which results in fewer appointments and more!
– Treat 90% of patients in a very similar manner from enrollment to proper diagnosis.

Bite Turbos and Auxiliaries play a critical part in the PDS Philosophy!

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The practice of patient care in Orthodontix and the corresponding quality of life results from the proper use of Orthodontic instrumentation. Some of those procedures are presented here. Here are some of those instruments..

– Quicklear Debonding Instrument

– The Pauls Tool

– The Quick Comfort Probe

– The Scaler

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Library of Manuals
For just a little over a third of the cost of an average orthodontic fee you can have 45 years of Orthodontic knowledge in the form of 15 manuals … In every area of Orthodontics !!!

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