TIER V Orthodontics

The Need to Streamline Your Practice ―Easy to say, but how do you do it?

  • Marketing ―Getting the “right kind” of patients ―How to differentiate your practice
  • Start a very high (90%) of consult patients
  • Reduce overhead significantly ―under 40%          
  • Super efficiency―Reducing the total number of patient appointments (7-9)―Reducing total patient chair time (2 ½ hours from start to finish)
  • Super effectiveness―Obtain superb results ―esthetically, functionally, physiologically

Three different dates to choose from:

AUGUST, Thu. 22, Fri. 23, Sat. 24


SEPTEMBER, Thu. 26, Fri. 27, Sat. 28


OCTOBER, Thu. 31, Fri. NOVEMBER, 1, Sat. 2

Register today! Email The ROI Team for enrollment and details: Contact@RonconeROI.com