In-Office Consulting


Clinical Efficiencies

Training – You will be given tools to develop a smooth and efficient operation without turning your staff into robots. Absolute consistency along with speed will be the goal. We will show you how to incorporate training into your day to day operations. This will guarantee that proper training is accomplished without any downtime.

Treatment Mechanics – Proven systems of diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment will be demonstrated. A very sophisticated bracket prescription is available along with wire sequencing. A rationale for treatment of Phase I, Adolescent, Adult, and TMD will be presented from both esthetic and hyper efficient standpoints.

Patient Enrollment

Effective Exams – Increase your conversion rate! These should be used not only to start a higher percentage of patients, but also as a marketing tool to get others in for an exam. Proper and efficient use of imaging systems will be reviewed. We will help you design a new patient exam packet that will “WOW” your patients giving them all the information they need to choose your office for their orthodontic treatment.

Communications – A total system of communication will be detailed including patient and parent letters, referring professionals, and community communications.

Financial Management

We’ll show you how to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing bad debt. With proper systems in place, there is no reason why you have to have 25% down and payments that coincide with treatment. You will have the power to be flexible with your payment plans and work within any budget. If new patients want braces, we’ll show you how they can afford it.

Money – How to make it…how to keep it. Fees…what to charge, how to present them. Overhead…how to control it, how to monitor it. We will help you build a realistic budget for your practice.

Productivity – How to measure each staff position and its meaning in terms of production, feedback, performance, and salary reviews.

A system of metrics will be introduced based on the concept that if you can’t measure it, it should not exist.


The Schedule is the heartbeat of your practice. What could be more stressful than having a bonding patient in the chair, a retainer check, and a new patient…all scheduled at the same time?

Over scheduling will no longer be an obstacle. We will help you build a schedule that utilizes various “types” of days instead of one standard day. This allows you to be flexible with your patient’s busy schedules while still providing excellent orthodontic treatment.

We will teach you how to schedule “like things at like times”.

We will design precise and in-depth treatment codes that take the guesswork out of preparing for your day.

The Two Greatest Marketing Tools in an Orthodontic Practice Are:

  1. Be On Time
  2. Finish Your Cases On Time