JSOP Grad Testimonials

Richard Portalupi, DDS, MSD

"Taking Dr. Roncone’s JSOP course was one of the top two or three best career decisions I have made in my 25 years as an orthodontist. My only regret is that I had not done so earlier in my career."

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"JSOP offers several ways that orthodontists can work more efficiently, treating cases in less visits and less time, (without compromising quality), and as a result increasing profitability and reducing stress. Dr. Roncone’s JSOP course has evolved with the changes in the economic challenges of our field, and offers practical and effective solutions, efficient mechanics, and real fixes for reducing inefficiencies such as loose brackets, pokey wires, and much more.

The principles of JSOP can be applied to most bracket systems and mechanical techniques, but I have found the Forestadent system to be far superior, and I have found the JSOP mechanics to be extremely effective.

I highly recommend the JSOP course without reservation, and welcome any orthodontist to contact me if they wish."

Matthew J. Peluso, DMD


"Efficiency, in every aspect of your practice. Clinical efficiency. Scheduling efficiency. Management efficiency. Marketing effectively. These are the things that I learned to strive for by taking the JSOP Course Series. Dr. Roncone taught me how to critically evaluate my practice to identify my strengths and weaknesses."

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"He then showed me how to use this information to implement changes that made my practice more efficient. Using the information from the course, I was able to improve my scheduling and also plan the layout for my new office to achieve greater efficiency. The information that you learn will forever change the way you practice orthodontics and will give you much needed guidance on how to run an office. Thank you Dr. Roncone."

Dr. David Caggiano


"Greatest course ever! Simply put, my involvement with Dr. Roncone and JSOP has been career transforming. The course exceeded my expectations in many regards and has given me new insight and energy to persevere for anything the 'perfect storm in orthodontics' brings."

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"Because of JSOP, I have a different perspective on how to measure my company’s performance, assess problems, and react accordingly. Dr. Roncone’s JSOP takes Dr. Roncone’s unique insight to achieve clinical efficiency and blends it with a comprehensive M.B.A. program. It truly has life-changing potential and will cost you more money to not take the JSOP course!"

Dr. Richard Elliott


"In the last 3 decades of practicing orthodontics I have had the privilege of hearing and knowing some of great orthodontists of our time. I have learned from each of these doctors the art and science of orthodontics and applied it to my practice."

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"For over 30 years I have mounted cases and been a student of occlusion.

My motivation has been to provide the highest degree of care for my patients. I heard Dr. Roncone at a meeting in 2005 and recognized that he had an exceptional grasp of the complete practice of orthodontics. In a highly organized manner he introduced his audience to his '17 Critical Factors' of an orthodontic practice. This comprehensive tool which provides a detailed and systematic evaluation of the complete practice interested me, so I signed up for his 'Just Short of Perfect' course and was not disappointed. His perspective added to my previous knowledge base and expanded it in ways that made my practice run smoother, more efficiently and with more consistent and better results. Since the year long course covers such a great amount of information I have returned to take the course again. This has allowed me to take my practice to a new level.

Dr. Roncone is absolutely committed to the practice and teaching of orthodontics. He has put his full force and intellect behind this profession throughout his career and organized a course that can be assimilated by any orthodontist seeking knowledge and a better way to practice. I highly recommend Dr. Roncone’s JSOP course. If you take this course and use his concepts, you will have a new life in your practice!"

David L. Judy, D.D.S., M.S.

"Striving to become an Orthobarbarian by attending Dr. Roncone’s JSOP course has transformed my professional life. Ron has meticulously distilled the most important elements of successful orthodontic practices from both practice management and treatment mechanics perspectives."

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"He shares his vast experiences in fun-filled hands on sessions near San Diego, then sends you home with textbook quality notebooks to assist implementation of the principles you have just learned. He is available for individual questions during and after each session. Your professional and personal lives will be enhanced by the friendships developed with Ron and your classmates. For my money, there is simply no better value in continuing education than the JSOP experience!"

Dr. Iwei Huang, Chicago, Illinois

"The JSOP course has opened my eyes to what an orthodontic practice can be. It has shown me that it is possible to provide excellent orthodontic treatment efficiently and very profitably."

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"Dr. Roncone has considered every aspect of practice such as attracting and retaining new patients, designing an organized and efficient schedule that can accommodate your patients, using clinical protocols that are effective and efficient, improving communications with dentist, patients and staff, all the while, making sure that the practice is highly profitable.

The course will also teach you how to solve problems by using metrics to objectively analyze them and measure the effects of implemented solutions to ensure that effective systems are in place.

Additionally, the written materials provided in the course and Dr. Roncone’s accessibility and willingness to continue to share his expertise is very much appreciated. After attending the course, you feel like you are a part of a very special community of orthodontists.

I am looking forward to continuing learning and improving!"

Dr. Matt Milestone

"This is a 'Milestone' of a course that will change your practice life. I highly recommend it to everyone that wants true success and I am very satisfied and happy to have been there. Thank you Ron!"

Dr. Chuck Gulland

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' to Dr. Roncone and everyone at ROI for such a wonderful experience. I cannot remember a continuing education course that I have ever taken that was so informative and beneficial and at the same time that I have enjoyed so very much."

Dr. Gord Organ

"This course has actually paid for itself many times over – I’m more efficient, I’ve changed my fee structure to properly reflect the value of the services I provide, and the value of the friendships which I have formed I have found to be invaluable."

Dr. Buddy Donaldson

"This course helped me to create a plan for the last 20 years of my practice. The manuals are clearly the best that I’ve ever seen on orthodontic management."

Dr. Bruce Molen

"Dr. Roncone has been the greatest influence on my practice. He has helped me to build a very large, successful practice. I have learned a tremendous amount about the business of orthodontics which has enabled me to become more profitable. I continue to come back to Ron because I consider him a 'fountain of knowledge'. This is the best course that I have ever taken and I look forward to continuing the journey through the annual Orthobarbarian Study Club meetings."

Jeni Stanley (Office of Dr. John Monacell)

"From a staff member’s perspective, I found Dr. Roncone’s course extremely informative and enriching. Not only was I educated on improving my own performance and clinical skills, but I have been stimulated to enhance my office and motivate my fellow team members. I am very excited about becoming the best team member I can be for my doctor."

Dr. Blair Adams

"You leave dental school ready to run a business with basically no business training whatsoever. This course gives you what you need to management a successful practice. My productivity jumped over 40% within two years of taking the course!"