Meet Dr. Ron Roncone

Dr. Ronald M. Roncone received his undergraduate degree at Marquette University and pursued graduate study in physiology and neuroanatomy at Marquette University School of Medicine, while simultaneously obtaining his dental degree at the same university. He obtained two postdoctoral certificates from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Forsythe Dental Center.

Dr. Roncone practices orthodontics in San Diego County, California. He has specialized in adult treatment (aesthetics, surgical, and TMD) as well as “early” treatment for children.

While teaching over 1,000 seminars worldwide, he has been responsible for a large number of innovations in the practice of orthodontics, including long intervals between patient appointments (8-12 weeks) which he began in 1989 through use of titanium wires, as well as the development of a unique prescription for bands and brackets.

Dr. Roncone is President and CEO of Roncone Orthodontics International. ROI offers practice management courses, a library of manuals, and individualized consulting programs which include: scheduling, marketing, patient enrollment, clinical efficiency, training, and financial management.

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