JSOP (Just Short Of Perfect) Virtual Course

The Year Long JSOP Virtual Course is 10 monthly segments of 6 hours each.

If you have already taken The JSOP Course and are looking for a “refresher”! Over 40% of new material! -OR-
For those of you that have never taken The JSOP Course but have always wanted to, now it’s Virtual!

Every session is recorded and available to review at your own pace with access utilizing the Zoom Cloud. Each session is 6 hours including a 30 minute break. The JSOP Virtual Course includes an assortment of handouts corresponding with each different session. 


Session 1: Sat. February 27, 2021 (recording available)

Session 2: Sat. March 27, 2021 (recording available)

Session 3: Sat. April 17, 2021 (recording available)

Session 4: Sat. May 22, 2021 (recording available)

Session 5: Sat. June 12, 2021 (recording available)

Session 6: Sat. July 24, 2021 (recording available)

No August Date

Session 7: Sat. September 18, 2021 (recording available)

Session 8: Sat. October 16, 2021 (recording available)

Session 9: Sat. November 13, 2021 (recording available)

Session 10: Sat. December 18, 2021 (recording available)

The JSOP Virtual Course


S.O.S. Virtual Seminars

A series of 6 two-hour Virtual Seminars utilizing the Zoom Webinar Platform on various topics.

*All six SOS Virtual seminar recordings are available to purchase and review for 30 days at your own pace.*

For details and fees please email the ROI Team: Contact@RonconeROI.com

1.) Diagnostic Basics – Things You Never Learned in School or Anywhere Else

Fri. August 21, 2020     *Recording available

How to make a truly correct diagnosis each and every time which leads to a much more accurate treatment plan.     Ten things you must know !!

2.) PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) Basics – Fewer Appointments And Less Chairtime –It’s All Good

Fri. September 11, 2020     *Recording available

Our practices would change drastically if we could reduce the number of appointments needed to treat patients (7-10) and reduce chairtime for each. There is a way !

3.) Correcting Class II Malocclusions – What You Don’t Know, See or LOOK FOR May Hurt You

Fri. October 9, 2020     *Recording available

We all know that Class II malocclusions are not alike. But what causes them, how they are treated and the length of treatment can be very different.

4.) Comprehensive Phase I Orthodontics

Fri. November 6, 2020     *Recording available

We all know that Phase I treatment is controversial. But what if we are missing important information which could drastically change your mind?

5.) The Easiest Way to Bring in Impacted Maxillary Canines -Quickly

Fri. December 4, 2020     *Recording available

Maybe we have been “over treating” impacted maxillary canines or being too “passive” about them.

6.) The Checklist Method of Orthodontics – Management & Clinical

Fri. January 8, 2021     *Recording available

Checklists are a proven way to reduce errors, eliminate emergencies and avoid the unnecessary. Welcome to the Just Short Of Perfect (JSOP®) practice.

S.O.S. Virtual Seminars