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Looking for other chances to see Dr. Roncone in action?  He lectures extensively around the globe, for various National & International Groups and Study Clubs.  Here is a complete list of upcoming appearances:

PDS Fundamentals:

We are all aware that beautiful results are produced every day by orthodontists using a multitude of different brackets, wires, techniques and prescriptions.

BUT… What if you could achieve the same goal:

  • in fewer appointments?
  • in fewer months?
  • in less appointment time?
  • with less stress?
  • with fewer problems?
  • with greater profitability?

Would that interest you?

Dr. Ron Roncone will explore the Roncone PhysioDynamicSystem, and how it relates to effective diagnosis and efficient treatment of cases. The PhysioDynamicSystem consists of 6 specific steps which are followed sequentially:

  1. Make a SUPERB and COMPLETE Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Includes a meaningful Medical/Dental Health History (H.H.), a complete Clinical Examination, Complete Diagnostic Records (CBCT) and a Precise Treatment Plan).
  2. “Relax” the muscles of the head and neck.
  3. Use a bracket system/Prescription based on this philosophy.
  4. Place bracket precisely for each individual patient.
  5. Use wires of the correct size, shape and force to move teeth quickly.
  6. Post-removal finishing



FORESTADENT USA – Fri. June 18, 2021 @ 11AM (PST)/1PM (Central)

Title: Clinical Statistics That Define A Successful Orthodontic Practice

OP University – OrthoPreneurs – Fri. January 15, 2021

Title: Systems to Simplify the Complex – A 50 Year Orthodontic Odyssey


The Roncone PDS Philosophy – Simplifying the Complex, to Register for the online live course via Forestadent’s e-learning platform:


FORESTADENT USA – Sat. June 6, 2020

Title 1: Self-Ligation – What You Need to Know

Title 2: It’s All About the Wires

FORESTADENT USA – Sat. June 13, 2020

Title 1: The Use of the 20/20 Molar Tube

Title 2: Reducing (Eliminating) Loose Brackets

FORESTADENT USA with Dr. Aron Dellinger – Fri. August 28, 2020

Title: Closing Open Bites – The Pure PDS Way


OP SUMMIT OrthoPreneurs – Day 3: Sat. October 17, 2020 (Interview by Dr. Glenn Krieger – Lessons from an Ortho Warrior 30 min)


Romania Fri. March 22 – Sat. March 23, 2019 [Introduction to JSOP and PDS]

Sun. March 24, 2019 [ Advanced PDS ]

AAO – Los Angeles, CA – Fri. May 3 – Tues. May 7, 2019

Malaga, Spain – Symposium – Fri. October 4 & Sat. October 5, 2019

NYC, NY – Global Ortho Conference – Lecture Mon. December 2, 2019


Romania — Fri. March 16 – 17, 2018

AAO — Washington D.C. May 4-8, 2018

MKS meeting – Dallas, TX – Fri. October 26 – Sun. October 28, 2018

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