Session Outlines


Session 1 – Visualization

The first session is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your practice.  We will help you focus on the critical factors that are the real drivers for the long term success of your practice.  By the end of the session you will be able to view your practice from a macro perspective, visualize where you would like to take your practice in the foreseeable future, and devise an obtainable plan to get there.

Session 1 Topics Include:

  • National Orthodontic Practice Statistics
  • An Integrated Systems Approach
  • The 17 Critical Factors
  • Orthodontic System Benchmarking
  • Prioritizing System Corrections (Improvements)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Important Practice Monitors/Roncone Module
  • Basic Clinical Philosophy
  • The Bracket Systems Of Choice
  • The Wires

Session 2 – Realization

The second session provides you with the necessary tools to maximize your treatment efficiencies.  Dr. Roncone will emerse you into a tooth by tooth philosophy of care.  You will establish a consistent treatment protocol, which will allow you to be able to more efficiently plan your cases for the best possible outcome in the most timely manner.

Session 2 Topics Include:

  • Use Of Auxiliaries
  • Bracket Placement
  • Arch Form Management
  • The Stages Of Treatment
  • Finishing Functionally
  • The Stability Of The Orthodontic Result
  • Diagnosis And Treatment Planning
  • Phase I Treatment
  • Treatment Of The Adolescent And Adult Dentition
  • Diseases Of And Treatment Of TMD
  • Staff Training

Session 3 – Implementation

The third session provides the action plan for you to implement your vision and skills, launching your practice to the next level.  This implementation will provide you with some new strategies to ignite the hidden power which exists within your practice. This session also helps you develop effective launch strategies for you to obtain the greatest and most efficient ROI.

Session 3 Topics Include:

  • Marketing Basics
  • Who And Where Is The Market You Want
  • Positioning Your Practice
  • The Marketing Director
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Teams
  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing
  • Enrolling New Patients (Treatment Coordinating)
  • Superb Communications