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TIER V Practice Course
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The JSOP (Just Short of Perfect) course offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to practice and clinical management. This one-year personalized program, consisting of (3) four-day group sessions, is held at Dr. Roncone’s training facility in beautiful Vista, CA, just 35 minutes north of San Diego. The JSOP Program provides valuable information on topics geared to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability, and was designed to help you reach the maximum potential in your practice. In addition to the positive impact realized by your practice, JSOP participants join a growing network of doctors consisting of some of the brightest minds in orthodontics.

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EUR Advanced PDS & TMD Course
A full meaningful presentation of the most efficient clinical system with hundreds of pearls. The TMD problems present in every practice and how to treat them.

(MAY 2022) TMJ Mini-Residency 3-Days in-office (Vista, CA)
“If you are attending the AAO in Miami Beach, Florida …make it an entire week of learning in 2 different beautiful climates! And if you are not attending the AAO, that’s OK come anyway, we could all use a little more learning.” -Dr. Ron Roncone – DATES: Thurs. May 26, Fri. May 27, Sat. May 28, 2022 (This course takes place in Vista, CA – This course also includes hands-on practical and observation of patients in treatment.)

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PDS Lingual SS (Social Six) Course
This is a in-office lecture and a hands-on course presented by Dr. Ron Roncone.
Chances are if you’ve tried lingual orthodontics, you hated it and vowed never to do it again. Let me change your mind! While full lingual is still very difficult and expensive, cosmetic lingual treatment is very simple.

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Orthobarbarian Study Club (OBSC)
You take a large group of like minded individuals but with diverse backgrounds, all experiencing similar and different things but coming together to discuss their honest successes, their failures, their methods for handling challenges and what they’ve done to get overcome those difficult moments. These are people that make up the Orthobarbarian Study Club!

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Session 1: The Business Of Orthodontics –

In the JSOP Program we help you view your practice from a macro perspective–from who and how you hire to the training programs you provide. The development of a JSOP Practice System means focusing on The Critical Factors that are the real drivers for the long-term success of your practice.

  • How does your practice compare with others?
  • How is your clinical and administrative team organized?
  • What management systems do you consistently use?
  • How do you delegate key management functions?
  • Are your management systems understood and followed?

Many practices use management ideas and concepts, but very few follow them consistently. In this session you will learn how.

Session 2: Clinical Systems & The Roncone PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) –

Efficient clinical systems are integral to the JSOP practice. This includes a tooth-by tooth philosophy of care. You will be given a logical reason for the use of a JSOP Prescription for each tooth.

  • Do you follow a cookbook approach in treatment?
  • Do your appliances work to their fullest potential?
  • Why do you use the appliances you use?
  • How do you monitor new appliances that you trial?
  • Do you find yourself over treating your patients?

In this session we will analyze your orthodontic techniques helping you establish a more consistent treatment planning protocol.

Session 3: Marketing, Enrollment & Communication –

If orthodontists ever needed an absolute marketing course, it is now! There is much more than just flashy giveaways and “muffin runs”. It means developing a specific marketing plan.

  • Who and where is your desired market?
  • How is your practice positioned for long term success?
  • How to develop an internal & external marketing plan.
  • How to convert consults into new starts?
  • What is the proper role of a treatment coordinator?

Most importantly: How to best communicate EVERYTHING we do to our patients, parents and referral sources.

Watch the video and listen to Dr. Roncone explain what JSOP is and what the program is all about.

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There is a certain level of freedom that occurs when the tide changes within the life of the practice and instead of working for your practice; your practice begins working for you. This quiz will help you to evaluate how well your practice is currently doing and if you should take it to the next level.

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Q & A
As in anything important there are questions that must be answered such as…

  • Who should take this course?
  • What does my investment include?
  • Are there options for payment of the course fee?

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Marketing Program
Together we design a marketing plan that is specific to your office with a constant focus always on revenue generation. This plan will include detailing systems, processes, and procedures with calendar and work assignments to execute against.

  • Direct mail teaching letter that should be mailed to targeted markets
  • Assistance in putting into service an “800” number to be used with the teaching letter
  • Calendar for the upcoming year
  • Plans of actions and assignment of responsibility for each action
  • Assist in scheduling key marketing events (Patient appreciation party, observation days, quarterly community service, etc.)
  • Assist in patient referral programs and practice promotions (Hygiene incentive, contests, newsletters, etc.)
  • Optimize current marketing systems that are in place within the practice
  • Insulate and maintain current referral sources (General dental referral status, gifting and office visits, ‘Lunch and Learns’, etc.)
  • Practice image (New patient packet, secret shopper information, etc.)
  • Patient satisfaction (Satisfaction survey to be integrated into the practice system)
  • Referral satisfaction (Satisfaction questionnaire to referring offices)

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In – Office Consulting

Most practices get great benefit from the JSOP course. There are not just a few ideas; there are literally hundreds of ideas and concepts presented. A busy practice may find it difficult to implement more than a few. For this reason, Roncone Orthodontics International offers a Comprehensive Program for those Orthodontists who desire something more than a course which they need to implement.

Program Outline:

  • Full year JSOP course
  • After Session 1- A full practice assessment (Including office visit by Dr. Roncone)
  • A specific Practice Plan for each Practice (including a comprehensive marketing plan)
  • Staff Training for each position
  • Installation of Practice Systems (10 systems with multiple sub-systems)
  • Assistance in implementation of Systems
  • Monitoring of Systems and Accountability Protocol
  • Increase Profitability
  • Monthly reviews with Orthodontist and Practice Team Leaders

This Program is by far the most comprehensive Orthodontic Consultative Service offered by any company. Of course, based on practice needs various options are offered both short and long term.

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