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Advanced Strategic Clinical Orthodontics Course

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THE JSOP PROGRAM (The JSOP Virtual Course 2021)

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EUR Advanced Strategic Clinical Orthodontics Course

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TMJ Course 3-Days in office (Vista, California) June 2023

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PDS Lingual SS (Social Six) Course

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Orthobarbarian Study Club (OBSC)

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Marketing Program
Together we design a marketing plan that is specific to your office with a constant focus always on revenue generation. This plan will include detailing systems, processes, and procedures with calendar and work assignments to execute against.

  • Direct mail teaching letter that should be mailed to targeted markets
  • Assistance in putting into service an “800” number to be used with the teaching letter
  • Calendar for the upcoming year
  • Plans of actions and assignment of responsibility for each action
  • Assist in scheduling key marketing events (Patient appreciation party, observation days, quarterly community service, etc.)
  • Assist in patient referral programs and practice promotions (Hygiene incentive, contests, newsletters, etc.)
  • Optimize current marketing systems that are in place within the practice
  • Insulate and maintain current referral sources (General dental referral status, gifting and office visits, ‘Lunch and Learns’, etc.)
  • Practice image (New patient packet, secret shopper information, etc.)
  • Patient satisfaction (Satisfaction survey to be integrated into the practice system)
  • Referral satisfaction (Satisfaction questionnaire to referring offices)

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In – Office Consulting

Most practices get great benefit from the JSOP course. There are not just a few ideas; there are literally hundreds of ideas and concepts presented. A busy practice may find it difficult to implement more than a few. For this reason, Roncone Orthodontics International offers a Comprehensive Program for those Orthodontists who desire something more than a course which they need to implement.

Program Outline:

  • Full year JSOP course
  • After Session 1- A full practice assessment (Including office visit by Dr. Roncone)
  • A specific Practice Plan for each Practice (including a comprehensive marketing plan)
  • Staff Training for each position
  • Installation of Practice Systems (10 systems with multiple sub-systems)
  • Assistance in implementation of Systems
  • Monitoring of Systems and Accountability Protocol
  • Increase Profitability
  • Monthly reviews with Orthodontist and Practice Team Leaders

This Program is by far the most comprehensive Orthodontic Consultative Service offered by any company. Of course, based on practice needs various options are offered both short and long term.

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