Bracket Systems

Physio Dynamic Brackets

Orthodontics has needed a prescription which is preadjusted AND has little or no side effects. We should not have to “undo” what a preadjusted appliance has done. This PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) prescription comes closer than any other to taking the easiest, shortest direction from malocclusion to an esthetic, functional result. Additionally, the need for multiple prescriptions for various teeth is expensive, confusing, and unnecessary!

The PhysioDynamicSystem is only available from Forestadent and uses the BioQuick and QuicKlear interactive self-ligating brackets. Interactive SLB’s when used with the appropriate size titanium wires are patient, parent, and orthodontist friendly.

BioQuick – Metal Interactive Self-Ligating Brackets

BioQuick Advantages: 

  1. One-piece with hooked base undercuts for better bond strength
  2. Lowered buccal profile
  3. Stronger clip for interactive force necessary with the PhysioDynamicSystem
  4. Removable and replaceable clip

QuicKlear – Ceramic Interactive Self-Ligating Brackets

QuicKlear Advantages: 

  1. Superb aesthetics – The MOST aesthetic interactive self-ligating bracket on the market
  2. Removable and replaceable clip
  3. Stronger clip necessary for directional control of teeth
  4. Can easily be removed (in one piece) and replaced on the tooth when necessary using the Pauls’ Tool
  5. Incredibly sturdy

Additional Bracket Systems

In addition to the bracket system above, various types of Starter / Finishing Appliances are used to comply with patient requests for aesthetic appliances.

Additional Brackets & Accessories

2D Lingual Brackets

PDS Lingual SS (Social Six) BracketsCrozats  –  Used as starter appliances for 7-9 months before going into full bonded labial or lingual appliances.

Lower Crozats

Upper Crozats

Clear Aligners –   Used for retention.


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