• The Pauls Tool

The QuicKlear bracket is by far the easiest ceramic bracket to remove. The Pauls Tool fits over the bracket and a simple push or pull on the handle toward the tooth or away from the tooth will easily debond the bracket.

The Pauls Tool disengages the bracket from the tooth. No pain! No noise! No squinting of patient’s eyes! The bracket is removed in one piece and during treatment, if desired the bracket can be removed and replaced to a better position on the tooth surface.


Opening/Closing Brackets

• Quick Comfort Probe

The QuicKlear Bracket can be easily opened from the gingival aspect.  Dr. Roncone uses the Quick Comfort Probe to open the bracket from the gingival.


 • Collar probe


Opening bracket from the labial hole

 • Scaler

The QuicKlear Bracket can be opened from the facial aspect with a scaler.  Take special care not to use a rotational movement when opening from the facial or the clip could become distorted.


Roncone Side Note: NEVER, EVER use an Explorer to open !!!

When using Twin .014 or large rectangular wires, the wires must be seated fully before full closure. If not —clip will deform! This is true of the interactive clips manufactured by all companies.

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