PDS Wire Philosophy & Sequence

There is no advantage to using a rectangular HANT early in treatment. In fact, there are significant disadvantages! The combination of force vectors inhibit the correction of crowding, Curve of Spee correction and in particular the attainment of proper archform.

Obviously, all cases are not the same. The one thing that remains constant is that stainless steel wires are never used! The use of Beta titanium wire, which is not full size as a finishing wire, has several advantages:

  1. There is more “settling” of the final occlusion.
  2. Root resorption is all but eliminated.
  3. Any wire adjustments made have reduced forces.
  4. It is physiological!

The periodontal fibers should not be in tension as treatment ends. A Beta titanium archwire reduces this tension and starts the process of physiological settling (Bioflexing of periodontal ligaments)
The combination of SLB’s, bracket prescription, type of wire, wire sequencing, and auxiliaries make us a true PhysioDynamic System of orthodontic treatment.

Wire Sequence:


1.) Twin .014 PDS SE wires for 6 months


2.) .019 x .025 Beta Titanium

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