The Two-Day TMJ Course

“Why do you see all those patients? I couldn’t ever practice like that. I’m an orthodontist. I want to bend wire. Seeing T.M.J. Dysfunction patients will ruin my practice.” All of us have heard these questions and statements many times and there is some truth in them. There are many practitioners who feel that specializing in this area is both challenging and rewarding, however. This course will remove the frustrations from the challenge and enhance the rewards.

One need only survey the mailings, journals, and dental meeting announcements to ascertain not only how much time is spent teaching treatment of dysfunction but, moreover, how different each lecturer’s concept of treatment is. With this in mind I would like to present not THE concept of management, but “one” concept of management. Of necessity, my biases of types of splints and use of various modalities will be described. Scientific biases for how one chooses a type of splint, how one derives it, and why, is covered well in other chapters. Practical, effective, efficient, low stress treatment (for both patient and doctor) is the chief purpose of this course, which includes:

– Information Gathering
– Initial Examination
– The Consultation
– Scripting for New Patient Exams
– Treatment Protocol
– Physical Therapy Modalities
– Physical Therapy Procedures
– Physical Therapy Workshop
– Splint Insertion
– Ultrasound

This course is taught over a two-day period in our lecture facility and clinic. It includes all course materials, the TMJ Manual, TMJ patient forms & handouts, and a splint for the doctor and one assistant.

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