The Advanced PDS Course

This course was developed specifically for Dr. Roncone’s colleagues that have already taken the JSOP Course and will dive further into the philosophy and practices of PDS-reinforcing the basic PDS principles, troubleshooting, and highlighting new developments in the PhysioDynamic System.

Course Topics

• PDS vs. other Systems

• The Role of Friction

• Twin vs. SLB

• Active vs. Passive

• The Case for Esthetic, Active SLB

• Wires

• PDS Prescription

• The Brackets

• The PDS Archform

• Auxiliaries

• The “P” Loop

• Protocol To J.S.O.P. Bonding

• Treating Impacted Canines

• Correcting Class II’s

• The Physiology of Finishing

• The PDS Orthodontic TRIAD

• The Keys to Finishing Cases Quickly

• Basic Tenets in Orthodontics That Are Wrong!

• List of Instrumentation, Materials and Companies.


Experience the results of the PhysioDynamic System.

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